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We focus on understanding your child and giving them the one-on-one attention they need to develop themselves and achieve.

Welcome to KidSucceed Therapy

At KidSucceed, we offer a range of therapy and support based services for all children, families, schools and learning environments. Our practice is built around a mindset that embraces natural and child-led learning together with the needs of therapy.

We truly see more positive success and fulfilled growth when we take the time to understand the child and the way in which they choose to learn best rather than us trying to fit them into a one-sized framework. We work hard at adopting approaches, strategies, ideas and resources that embrace fun and empathetic learning so the kids always feel motivated in our sessions and proud with each success.

When planning therapy, it is really important to us that we ground ourselves in a holistic approach. It allows a space where we can closely support the families we work with and better understand and appreciate all the differing factors in their lives.

Through shared discussion we can identify needs, wants and achievable outcomes with available resources, which in turn, helps to set meaningful goals, a realistic direction and shared strategies.

KidSucceed, is a practice that is run with thought and passion. We are constantly trying to develop and enrich the work we do so that we make sure we are keeping up with expanding times and supporting ever-changing needs. Our priority is to offer collaborative programs, and simple, manageable strategies that are easy to do at home and school in areas like:


 Holding a pencil

 Fine Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Play Skills


 Self Care

 Sensory Processing

 Self Regulation

 Behaviour & Emotions

Executive Functioning


School & Clinic Based

Either at the clinic or the school environment with flexible appointment times, making it more convenient and easier to access


Affordable prices to accommodate ongoing therapy, rebates available.

Expert Advice

Highly competent and experienced therapists delivering evidence-based and family-centred services.

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